Mayon Disaster Survey Report

Using the water!

(December 15, 2006)

I just arrived from the disaster area around Mayon Volcano. The devastation was worse than I thought. Although “only” over a thousand died, the physical damage was worse than Sri Lanka (I have been there). There must be hundreds of square miles of destruction. Hundreds of communities more turned to shreds. Their homes, crops, electric poles, and even roads were ruined. Its a catastrophe that is not over yet. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

The region experienced three typhoons and a volcanic eruption in four months. Two months ago, the residents near the volcano were asked to leave their homes during the month long eruption. When they came back, the second typhoon hit them. The wind and the rain was so hard and strong that it destroyed the houses and crops, but it was just the beginning. The rain softened the lava and caused horrendous mud flows all over the volcano, completely obliterating any signs of civilization in several communities. Rocks came down like bowling bowls, crushing everything on their paths.

After the typhoon Durian, when the rescuers decided to stop digging and let the bodies remain buried, the last typhoon a week later unearthed some of the dead bodies. More rain and wind caused more mud flows and multiplied the damage and destruction.

The worse is not over. During a caravan of 250 vehicles bringing in food aid from Manila, a bridge broke and stopped half of them from crossing over. Road conditions are getting worse. Electricity is months from being restored. Thousands of poles dangerously lean on roads. Cost of materials have sky rocketed, if at all available. When food aid will dwindle and trickle in a few months, starvation will be rampant in the region of several million people. Coconut trees are hit the hardest with 100% damage in most areas. That is their cash crop. They will take 5 years before the trees will bear fruit again.

In the next few days, I plan to buy seeds to distribute to farmers. They need to plant NOW. I am recruiting volunteers to go there with me next week. Some will help rebuild houses, others will distribute food and seeds, while others will teach children or help in anyway they can. A medical mission is also being planned.

You may view pictures I have taken here

If you wish to help, please send material things like food and clothes to:

Jun Patricio
c/o Makati Church of Christ.
1598 Archimedes St
Brg Lapaz Makati, (near brgh hall)
Metro Manila

For cash donations, please send it to the bank account of

Mactan Church of Christ
Metro Bank, Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City

Foreign donors can send their check to:

BandS Ministries
P.O. Box 1926
Colleyville, Texas 76034
You may contact Dr. Bailey at

If you need further information, please email me or text me at +63 917 624 3719

In His Service,

Salvador Cariaga