Quito School of Biblical Studies


 Welcome to the Quito School of Biblical Studies, Quito, Ecuador, Sud America

Our Mission

To wholly train men to preach the whole Gospel to the whole world wholly to please GOD.

Contact Information

To learn more about our efforts to train and equip men in the Gospel through three years of intense Bible study and ministry internship, please contact the school:

011.593.2.252.8943;                          Stateside:  806.468.7676
Postal address
Apartado 17-21-0217, Eloy Alfaro
Quito, Ecuador, Sud America
Stateside:  QSOBS,  PO Box 8997, Amarillo, TX 79114-8997 
Electronic mail
General Information: qsobs@uio.satnet.net  (Spanish)
Webmaster: qsobs@operationecuador.com   (English)
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